Hummingbird of Infinity

I had a unique experience today when a hummingbird appeared out of nowhere in the tree outside my window.  I didn’t know that hummingbirds could be around at this time of year, but it is possible! Hummingbirds have a lot of meaning for me since their wings move in a pattern that creates a figure eight, which is the infinity symbol which I wear daily.  The hummingbird is such an amazing small bird of nature and it inspires me to write poetry.

Hummingbird of Infinity

Small, yet powerful, constantly in motion;

 fluttering quickly, creating quite a commotion.

Iridescent colors run through its wings;

shining colors bright as those the rainbow brings.

Fluttering to each remaining bud of fall;

collecting sweet nectar from one and all.

The symbol of infinity it creates as it flies;

Wasting no time, on itself only it relies.

Choosing to spend life free from care,

Spinning like a pinwheel through the cool, crisp air!








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Nature’s Cry

Trees release leaves, the fall wind blows,

Falling leaves mirroring the teardrops falling from my eyes.

Clinging safely to lashes wet with dewy droplets a single tear tethers,

Like the remaining leaf clinging to the familiarity of a tree branch.

Afraid to fall, afraid to let go, afraid of the unknown.

Another month passes in my life,

Barely I notice the changing days on the calendar.

Struggling for an answer that I can’t find,

To a question repeated incessantly in my head.

I want to scream, to make this all stop,

The pain, the tears, the heartache.

Instead I find solace in the cool fall breeze,

Watching the falling leaves that are Earth’s tears.



Cats are Fabulous!!

Kasey’s Poem or Ode to a Cat

Purrs of contentment are emitted by you,

You lay curled on my bed all the day through.

Movement comes only from the flick of your tail,

Methodically it thumps without fail.

Legs stretched out each and every way,

Eyes squeezed shut, keeping out the light of day.

Ears alert for the slightest sound,

Head jerking up, peering all around.

Rising, arching your back fully when you do,

Leaping glacefully to the windowsill, inspecting the view.

Green eyes alert to movements outside,

Holding court in the window, eluding a sense of pride.

Continually watching from your windowsill throne,

Colors looking regal, as you perch alone.

Curiosity fulfilled, you alight to the floor,

Curling into a ball on my bed once more!



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