Signs, Signs, Signs!

Well, I was previously blogging under the title “The Blossoming Purple Rose”, but chose a new title “Getting the Final Word”, because I always seem to have one more thing to say!  Anyway today I thought I’d send this question out into the blogosphere about signs.  How many of you have seen a special butterfly, bird, or otherwise when you have been feeling really low after the loss of a loved one?  It has been said that this is a sign from our loved one that have passed, to make us feel happy and  share with us that  they’re okay up there!  My question therefore fellow bloggers is which of these signs have you seen after the passing of a loved one , that has caused a meaningful impact on you?  That has made you think, “Hmm, maybe this is a symbol of my lost family  member or friend?  Comments along with your response are greatly welcomed!  I will inform everyone of the results Tuesday!  Keeping looking for your special signs and stay positive my friends! 🙂

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