Rainbows All Around

To follow up with my rainbow theme today I would like to share a poem inspired by the miniature rainbow found in my room this morning.

Rainbows All Around

Glistening colors reflecting the light abound,

I look to the sky, yet a rainbow isn’t found.

The beautiful colors do not fill the sky,

I am perplexed, I saw colors pass by!

I look to the ground and upon it I see,

A miniature rainbow shining back at me!

A smile of joy appears on my face,

This tiny rainbow found a hiding place!

Beneath my bed it shimmers with joy,

Happy to be found, acting very coy.

The colors are clear, running from one to the next,

Where did it come from? This rainbow has me vexed.

I sit there appreciating this tiny gift from above,

It’s presence at my bedside, a reminder of passed ones I love.

Do they watch over me as soundly I sleep?

This thought alone is enough to make one weep.

But how can I be sad, when this tiny rainbow is near?

With colors so bright, it erases the thought of tears.

The appearance of seven colored beams of light,

Is unexpected in my room, yet its presence seems right.

The rainbow can’t be questioned, its content just to be,

Yet it offers people hope, and a sense of tranquillity!




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