Today’s theme is happiness! 🙂  I enjoy the feeling I get from being happy.  It’s a natural high that releases endorphins into your blood making you feel good!  With that in mind, I decided to create an acrostic poem about happiness!  Embedded in the acrostic are special things that cause me to feel happiness.  What makes you feel happy, to feel so good you want to smile at even the grumpiest of people? I’d love to hear comments on  your happy thoughts!

Happiness Is…

Holding the hand of the person you love, as you walk through life together.

Appreciating a close friend, loving them for enriching your life!

Pursuing your dreams making them a reality!

Pictures to reminisce over, tiny, frozen, treasures of time.

Indulging your imagination, letting your mind roam free!

Necessary moments of solitude to daydream, reflect, or just “be”!

Encounters that forever change your life!

Seeing something special in yourself, and cultivating it into something magnificent!

Smiles, laughter, and a positive outlook on life!

These are my happy thoughts. The things that get me through life, should life get tough.  Happiness is a gift we should share with the world!  Happy people are positive people!  Where can you find your happiness?  Until next time stay happy my friends! 🙂


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