Fall Ponderings 1

I love the season of fall! Leaves changing, a cool breeze in the air, and familiar traditions associated only with these time of year occur.  I thought I would go with a fall poem today about apples.  Fall is the perfect time for apple picking, so why not a poem celebrating these symbols of fall?

Apple of My Eye

Fall has arrived, a cool breeze chills the air,

Time to pick apples, before the trees become bare.

The apples are ripe with a waxy shine,

The orchard smells sweet, its scent devine!

Apples hang tempting from each and every tree,

A picture perfect portrait that beckons to me.

Varying in shades of red, yellow, and green,

They form a palette of colors, beautiful to be seen.

I choose an apple, bright red in its hue,

Savoring the taste, as the juices flow through.

This fruit exemplifies the grandeur of fall,

A delightful experience enjoyed by all!

Whether covered with caramel or used for a pie,

The apples of fall are the apple of my eye!

Happy Fall fellow bloggers! 🙂


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