A Special Scent for a Special Woman!


Holiday time is quickly approaching, a time to decide what you plan to purchase for your loved ones!  Why not buy that special woman a sweet-scented perfume?  Pink Sugar Sensual Perfume Pink Sugar Sensual Perfume was created by Aquolina perfume  and is their best selling perfume.  This makes it  an excellent holiday gift!  Upon seeing the sweet-looking pink bottle, you will recall memories reminiscent of childhood.  Don’t let the whimsical packaging deceive you! Pink Sugar Sensual Perfume, comprising an infusion of bergamot, Sicilian orange, and fig leaves: mixed with light notes resulting from lily-of-the-valley, liquorice blossom, and red fruits, is a woman’s scent!  A fresh, natural, perfume, it  offers a pleasing scent to men and women alike. This is attributed to base notes of vanilla and caramel, mixed with musk and woodsy scents found in Pink Sugar Sensual Perfume.  Should you wish to impress your special someone, Aquolina offers this perfume in a gift set along with lotions. If you are searching for a great woman’s fragrance at a great price, it can be  found at 99 Perfume.com, 99Perfume, the best website to get designer fragrances for less.  This site offers fast shipping and attractive packaging, ensuring your gift will arrive promptly!  Show someone special in your life how much you care by purchasing a lovely gift set or bottle of Pink Sugar Sensual Perfume today!

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