Hummingbird of Infinity

I had a unique experience today when a hummingbird appeared out of nowhere in the tree outside my window.  I didn’t know that hummingbirds could be around at this time of year, but it is possible! Hummingbirds have a lot of meaning for me since their wings move in a pattern that creates a figure eight, which is the infinity symbol which I wear daily.  The hummingbird is such an amazing small bird of nature and it inspires me to write poetry.

Hummingbird of Infinity

Small, yet powerful, constantly in motion;

 fluttering quickly, creating quite a commotion.

Iridescent colors run through its wings;

shining colors bright as those the rainbow brings.

Fluttering to each remaining bud of fall;

collecting sweet nectar from one and all.

The symbol of infinity it creates as it flies;

Wasting no time, on itself only it relies.

Choosing to spend life free from care,

Spinning like a pinwheel through the cool, crisp air!







2 thoughts on “Hummingbird of Infinity

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  2. mclayburn1949

    Very beautiful poem!
    I loved it,and I truley love humming birds,I have several around all summer long,and hve tried so many times to photograph them but ther are way too fast for me.
    All I can capture id just a blur!, lol
    Enjoyed your blog! Thanks for shareing it!


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